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Road To Recovery Mission Statement

The Road To Recovery Transitional Living Center is committed to providing cost effective, community centered, physical and emotional safety and growth for chemically dependent individuals and their families.

Mission Goals are the following:

  1. To provide an environment in which individuals can adjust their lifestyle without jeopardizing their sobriety.
  2. To provide them the tools necessary to continue towards their goal of a chemical free lifestyle through education, counseling, peer support reinforced by a 12 step program, A.A., N.A., C.A., etc.
  3. To provide help so they may find employment. By providing information on education and training for the unskilled as well as those in need of a career change.
  4. To provide the spiritual setting and allow the time for all these adjustments to occur in their lives. Creating an effectual change in the individual's lifestyle.
  5. To provide these services to the individual at a reasonable cost. It will teach them responsibility without additional financial stress.


Road To Recovery Mission



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