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Road To Recovery is a Men's 90-day drug and alcohol program (Halfway House) and Transitional Living Center, located in Houston, Texas. We are committed to providing cost effective, community centered, physical and emotional safety and growth for chemically dependent individuals and their families.

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism - The Problem

Alcoholism and chemical dependency has become epedemic: shattering lives, dreams, opportunities and hope for millions of Americans.

But chemical abuse doesn't stop with the alcoholic or drug abuser: it profoundly affects the lives of his family, his friends, his employer, and his community.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction (including Alcoholism) is a Disease

Alchoholism and addiction to other chemicals is a disease of the mind, the body and of the spirit. It was unofficially recognized as a disease by many experts long before the advent of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s (as far back as the 1700s) and officially recognized by the medical establishment in the 1950s. In 1991 it was officially recognized as both a physical and mental disease.

  • It is a disease of the mind (just as surely as schizophrenia or manic-depressive) because once a person ingests the alcohol or other drug (alcohol is a drug - it just happens to be legal and socially acceptable) they cannot stop. Willpower cannot combat the mental obsession to drink/ get high because the brain (subconscious) does not "ask" the will for permission. The decision to drink/ use drugs is made in a lower part of the mind – the subconscious. Much like the "fight or flight" mechanism, the subconscious does not ask the conscious for permission. The decision is made before you realize it.
  • Addiction/ Alcoholism is a disease of the body. The body changes to adapt to the poisonous chemicals and when the poisons stop being introduced, the body chemistry has to change back. This causes the body discomfort (sometimes extreme discomfort and sickness) and in the case of alcohol and benzodiazepines, sudden withdrawl can even be fatal. The body does not like discomfort. Since the body remembers that the solution to the discomfort of withdrawl is to ingest more of the drug, the compulsion to continue to use/ drink is very, very strong.
  • Addiction/ Alcoholism is also a disease of the spirit. Look in the lifeless eyes of anybody who is caught up in this disease, and you will intuitively know that something is dreadfully wrong. The lights are not on. The entire being of the addict is enslaved by a very cruel master.

Recovery from Addiction and Alcoholism

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Solutions

Following detoxification and chemical dependency treatment, long term After-Care programs have proven to be the solution to arresting the chemical abuse problem in our communities. Life style changes are needed for the addict to continue to stay drug free. Transition After-Care houses like Road to Recovery become important to the addict's survival.

Road to Recovery, one of the few state-licensed facilities in Houston, is a highly respected drug rehab and alcohol treatment center located in Houston, Texas. Our staff has over 60 years combined experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Complete recovery from addiction is possible. Our drug and alcohol treatment program is 12-step based. The twelve step program is the oldest, most effective, and most trusted treatment for alcoholism and addiction known to mankind. If you have a problem with alcohol, alcohol abuse or drug abuse, contact us today. Even if you have questions like do I have a drinking problem? am I an alcoholic? We can help you decide for yourself.
If you stay sober today, there is hope for tomorrow.



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